The Flying Lap Misano project stands as a testament to the extraordinary capabilities of both the pilot and the aircraft. It serves as an inspiration for future projects that aim to combine different high-performance sports and push the boundaries of what is possible in aviation and motorsport.

Dario Costa's achievement not only added to his impressive resume but also captivated audiences worldwide, demonstrating the thrilling possibilities when aviation and motorsport intersect.

Client: Red Bull & Skysport
Pilot: Dario Costa
Produced by: Taco Studios
Exec. Producer: Sebastien Grute
PM RedBull Italy: Francesca Mottola

Director: Kevin Kok
DOP: Matteo Terzaghi
1AC: Daniela Bellu
Cam Op: Vincent Reynaud
1AC 2nd Unit: Morgan Franc
Heli Pilot: Mirko Flaim
Shotover Op: Stefan Urmann
Boom Op: Marco Monti
Flight Technician: Marco Calcinotto

Post Production: Widen Production
Editing DC: Kevin Kok
Color DC: Matteo Terzaghi
Voice Actor: Alex Monti
Music & Sound Design: Federico Cerati
Photographer: Gabriel Seghizi