Verb: widen  wi-d(u)n
To become or to make something better in width. Become broader, wider or more extensive. Make wider. Increase in scope, range or area.
Widen philosophy:
Touch heart, provide extra soul.


Whether you created your brand or company or are simply in charge of communication, you’ve probably got values and a vision you want to share with the world (and your customers, distributors, partners, suppliers, media…). Here is our aim: Help you share that vision. Help you build what people will remember about your brand. Help you touch their heart. We have no other ambition but to be your eyes, your ears, your voice and make your brand more visible, more audible, more desirable. Through video, photo, digital and print productions that provide that extra soul.   


Honesty, hard work, respect, team spirit, motivation, creativity, reactivity, passion.

Use our own way of producing images to enhance your own image.

We believe passion is the key. You probably got passion. For your sport or your industry. For what you invented or created. For what you do. For what you produce. For what you sell… We are passionate. About life, about sport, about culture, about entrepreneurship, about innovation, about traveling the world, about meeting people as passionate as we are, about enhancing reality with our films, about helping grow the brands we work with. Around the hard-core of WIDEN co-founders revolve free electrons who share our values and who contribute to enriching our ideas and yours. Many talents in complementary fields (audiovisual, graphic design, strategy…) join and grow the WIDEN community over time. We consistently enlarge our creative team, so we can ensure the best talents in their specialty will contribute to your project.  



Photography has long been the best way for media and brands to touch the heart of people. An image is often worth a thousand words. At Widen, we use photography as a way to enhance your message. Whether in studio, in real life situations or in a mix of both, we shoot your world for you, in respect to your brand values and visual codes. Our eyes and camera are here to catch the intensity of life and action, to bring an additional touch of emotions to your creation.




Often consider as the seventh art, cinematography/videography is for what we consider the ultimate emotion provider. Videography has been our core activity for several years, and we produce films that will contribute to spread your message with heart and soul, and develop what we call “brand love”. When we produce a film, whatever topic we film, we bring our creative eyes and technical experience to enhance our images, to better serve your image.



Brand Content

Before buying your product, people need to know and love your brand, we are here to help you build the content that will make your identity, your message, and your brand image clear and desirable. It could take many aspects: brand identity, storytelling, product demos, customer experiences videos, tutorials, company or factory documentary, video or photography reports on events, etc. Anything we can think of that will make your brand strong and attractive.



Design and Creative Services

Building an impactive image takes sometimes more than just animated (video) or still (photo) images. We offer to go beyond image production and can have our creative fellows work on your brand identity, logo, graphic chart, advertising campaigns, presentations, packaging, trade shows booth design, and so on. We can create everything from scratch, or just give a refresh to your current identity. WIDEN is made of a large network of creative artists and communication professionals, and we will always manage to find the right person and the right answer to your image building needs.



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